Jesus is calling! 


RFI has international reach through our support of missions. The Bible teaches us that as believers in Christ, we are to share the Good News. We are commanded to carry His Word to the world. This ministry strives to gain support and resources necessary to support domestic and international mission trips, as well as supporting missionaries in their work. 

Lead: Missions Committee

Praise & Worship

Worship is an important part of our service, as it allows us to come into the presence of God. Having this time at the beginning of service gives us the opportunity to praise God and prepare our hearts to receive the message. 

Lead: Kathy Perea

Ushers & Greeters

Whether you’re a visitor or a regular member, our ushers and greeters want you to experience a warm welcome at RFI. This team is also instrumental in guiding guests and members through the sanctuary and collecting tithes and offerings.

Lead: Heather Vigil

Media Ministries

The media ministry is composed of several components that work together to bring God’s word to the guests and members of RFI. Media is an evolving ministry here at RFI. Our media team is striving toward coordination and integration of media activities in order to reach our community.

Social Media

Children Ministries

RFI appreciates the opportunity to minister to our children and youth.

Our children and youth ministries encourage our young people to develop a relationship with Jesus Christ, while also preparing and equipping them to reach those who don't know Christ as their Lord and Savior.

Nursery/Kid's R.O.C.K is currently unavailable, however, we do encourage you to still come to service if you feel comfortable.

We also offer sanitized coloring sheets/activities for the youth to read and color during service.

We are thankful for the flexibilty of the church, WE are the body of Christ!

Kid's R.O.C.K.